Product Design

IMAGE: Cueva de las Manos, Perito Moreno, Argentina - Cueva de las Manos is a cave or a series of caves located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, 163 km south of the town of Perito Moreno. It is famous for the paintings of hands. The art in the cave dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago

Students were asked to identify an aspect of human behaviour which they recognise as detrimental to the health of the planet and develop a design ‘intervention’ in response. Rather than seeking to ‘fix’ this behaviour students responded to identified underlying causes to develop new approaches that are not only beneficial but desirable.

Students explored their chosen ‘bad behaviour’ from multiple perspectives and developed speculative design interventions that tackled the issue in different ways. Here we see the outcomes presented as snapshots of scenarios in which the designed response is a central ‘prop’ within a narrative tableau.


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