Marcus Allan Link Dating and Romance

IMAGE: Research and step card
IMAGE: Research
IMAGE: persona concepts
IMAGE: Sponge model showing our chosen form
IMAGE: Experimentation with glowing element
IMAGE: Final prototype
IMAGE: Final prototype glowing
IMAGE: Initial storyboard


on this day, the 23rd of march 2040 it is hard to imagine the times before the pandemic; when one didn’t cringe as people shook hands in film when seeing your friends was as easy as knocking on their door, when you could be comforted simply by holding your loved ones hand.

it has been exactly 20 years since Britain first went into lockdown, and as we finally come out the other side, we look back at what helped us through.

Rachel warren talks about navigating her relationship with her wife at other ends of the country in the first years of the lockdown.

“I think the hardest thing about the second wave, and of the consequential loneliness pandemic was not knowing when I would be able to touch her again. I remember asking myself, why hadn’t I fully  appreciated the comfort of her hand in mine as I went down the street. I’m grateful for products like the “that could make our relationship continue in a more intimate level; allowing me to know she was seeking the comfort of my hand when I saw it glow. I still carry it with me when I go to work!”

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