Mina Brennan Link Synopsis

On exploring the Scottish Moving Image Archive I came across a short film made in 1943 by Alex Lowe which depicted a Luftwaffe Heinkle being paraded down a street in Musselburgh. The next shot showed close-ups of Rhubarbs and Cabbages also farmers discussing their work. This sudden change in dynamic showed that during this time in a world of war and destruction, there was still simple and everyday challenges which needed to be achieved. This got me thinking about what is important, and how to find the ordinary despite chaos. I found this idea also related to some of the lectures. Especially humanism which looked into the idea of Micro and Macro history; the German Bomber plane being the macro and the need for food and supplies being the micro, or rather the zoomed in version of history. In the studio I decided to take the micro history and enlarge it onto large forms of paper. In an opposite format I took the image of the Bomber and painted it onto a smaller piece of paper using acrylic. I thought this juxtaposition between large format and small allowed me to explore this micro and macro idea. I hope to carry this on throughout the week and am planning on painting the beach, as the sea is my own version of simplicity in a world which feels a bit chaotic.  I believe it is important to look at the importance of everyday life, to try not to zoom too far out, or look too far into the future. Being human is living minute to minute.

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