Benjamin Davis Link Make it worth caring about.

IMAGE: Bad Behaviour Photographs
IMAGE: Early Mindmap and Idea
IMAGE: Delving into Emotional Response
IMAGE: Refined Conceptual Model
IMAGE: Real-Life Prototype
IMAGE: Book Quote Idea
IMAGE: Book Covers near Collins Monument
IMAGE: Idea 1 - Poster
IMAGE: Idea 2 - Poster
IMAGE: Idea 3 - Poster

There really is no other way to put it… Human beings are selfish. We never look to the future; we can’t seem to evaluate the destination of our laziness or carelessness. Using this analysis of human behaviour, it is evident that putting up a sign saying ‘what not to do’ is completely useless. And even when there is no sign, the same outcome takes place; from vandalism to littering, you name it. This project intends to alter the way information is displayed and change the way humans interact with said information and it starts with Glasgow Green. The final outcomes show a range of methods from a statue implemented to shock people or an interactive book swapping activity to create historical associations.