Simone Singh Link Bin Your Butt

IMAGE: WeeSmoke
IMAGE: Rouge Gallery
IMAGE: Flick It Bin It !

Course: Product Design
Group: Simone Singh & Orlando Olcese
Location: George Square
Bad Behaviour: Cigarette Littering

For this project, we initially began by documenting several bad behaviours within George Square – however, cigarette littering was the most prominent.

As a group we created a series of visualisations to help understand the bad behaviour and how we could improve littering in the location – for example: photography, sketching and prototypes.
We then refined these by selecting the most interactive concepts and resolved the designs in our location (as shown above). We aimed to engage people through different methods for each intervention:

a) monumental attraction, b) political views and c) a challenging game.

The thumbnail for this project, was a piece of digital art created by Simone. This highlights the significant negative impact cigarette littering is having on our planet and why we must make a change now!


Being HUMAN 2021/22