Nattanit Ngamthanaphaisarn Link Litter close to the bin

IMAGE: Map with litter images
IMAGE: Litter beside but not in the bin, hiding litter
IMAGE: Sketch
IMAGE: How to hold a tickets
IMAGE: Inspiration from Kelvin hall
IMAGE: Prototype sketch
IMAGE: Prototype #1
IMAGE: Prototype #2 hiding litter
IMAGE: Prototype #3 ticket holder
IMAGE: Project display

From a topic of “Bad Behavior,” We have walked through the area “Partick Cross” and found a curious human bad behavior that is littering beside bins but not in the bins and hiding litter. Thinking about how to lead people with positive vibes we have an idea to develop a bin, making it attractive so they want to walk and put the trash into it. This product focuses on used tickets whereby, Partick cross-area has a subway station named “Kelvinhall”. According to the building “The Kelvin Hall” (located on Argyle Street in Glasgow), we have been inspired by the building itself, and progress to collect used tickets is also to blend with an area.


Being HUMAN 2021/22