Jack Mcgilvray Link CoLab 1 Product Design HANDS-(Topic, Grooming)

IMAGE: How hands interact with our own personal grooming in a daily routine
MEDIA: Research into the use of hands in the past
IMAGE: An insight into pet technology related to the topic of "grooming"
IMAGE: An initial design concept that tackles the problem of pet anxiety with relation to "grooming" and "hands"
IMAGE: Final prototype
MEDIA: Short film of the product in use

Pet anxiety, it took us years to finally realize and understand the importance of why this development was drastically needed. After the Government increased working hours and days to re-launch the economy from the fallout of the pandemic we saw drastic changes in our pets. This along with the rise in the purchasing of domesticated pets left many of our closest companions starved from affection. The public became caught up in worrying about ourselves that we failed to recognize this as a problem. The introduction of this product put an end to many of the worries that we previously had. The products details themselves such as the massage wheel along with speakers and medicine dispensers are very simply integrated and confined within this one product which covers the three fundamental targets; Comfort, relaxation and wellbeing. Not only can our pets feel safe but owners can now feel at ease. Having an app that can control the product helps when leaving for long periods of time as the product can be operated in the palm of your hand. Our attitude changed as we became more in touch with our animals, treating their wellbeing as equally important as our own.

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