Patrick Mccrum Link Virtual Travel

MEDIA: Short video briefly demonstrating concept
IMAGE: Worst moments while travelling
IMAGE: Best moments while travelling
IMAGE: Virtual Travel Step Card


While air travel is still popular, planes are now powered by renewable energy in order to combat global warming. Nowadays, all vehicles have been converted to electrical, eliminating the need for petrol and diesel. Along with finding solutions for transport which produced carbon emissions, we have found that virtual travel has become our safest alternative to all transport and has had the biggest impact on how we get around in today’s society. All anyone has to do is simply wear a pair of regular looking glasses and they are transported elsewhere. They can even enjoy the company of someone halfway around the world by using the sensory gloves to interact with. While most users only wear the gloves casually outside in colder environments, it is easy to spot people wearing what will appear as normal-looking glasses which simply aren’t in full use. We have all been graced with what once was a privilege to be somewhere we are not and to enjoy a holiday without even having to worry about the dreaded journey to and from our desired destinations.

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