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Date- 25/8/2035



In today’s society we never know what will happen and last year the food industry was hit with one of the biggest shocks ever. The emergence of a leaked video showing never before scenes of the way huge fast food franchise restaurants were cultivating and preparing their food. As a result of this video many anonymous sources came forward with more and more evidence of foul play in the kitchen. As the pressure mounted the government decided to step in and they banned many restaurants among the big names there was McDonald’s and Nando’s who were forced to shut down in the UK. In addition to this they have introduced a law stating people must use all parts of an animal before killing more. However, the positive thing about these leaked videos was that it has gave birth to a new generation of foodies. These people have become super focused on the ethics of meat and the sourcing of meat. A restaurant called MEATYOURMEAT has come to catch their eye. This restaurant allowed for people to see everything from the killing all the way through an open kitchen, through to the grills and eventually on their plates. It has allowed for no hiding places with the restaurant having full transparency.

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