Solomon Cole Link Immersive music

MEDIA: Hannah + Solomon Colab film
To say that The music industry has had an incredible change in the last decade would probably be an overstatement. Covid-19 shut down the live music scene for many a year leaving music lovers lost without it. They were left without the spark that live music brought to many of us. The lack of live music seemed to leave a hole in many people’s lives whether you were old or young, a jazz enthusiast or you enjoyed hip hop. I remember the summer of 2020 very well when the music festival was first affected by this.
Rolling forward ten years to the year 2030. Tech had progressed very quickly this the past decade and many of the population had a VR headset and headphones which was improved by the vibrating handset that really made the immersive listening experience. It is fair to say far from perfect but it certainly gave us a new experience that we all were missing from listening to music at home. It was a very simple device that used all the pressure points and nerves in your hand to creating a synthetic feeling of being at a live event.

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