Finding The Common Relations Within Our Areas

IMAGE: Part 1
IMAGE: Part 1
IMAGE: Part 1
IMAGE: Part 1
IMAGE: Part 2: Map Sectors
IMAGE: Part 2: Concepts
IMAGE: Part 2: Prototypes
IMAGE: Part 2: Paintings
IMAGE: Part 2: 3D models
IMAGE: Part 2: Final Scene

The main focus of our project was to contrast and link all of our surrounding areas using different techniques which include Colour, Photos and sounds . We drew inspiration from Smithson’s ‘A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic’ in which he looks at ideas surrounding psychogeography and the materiality of a place. For the studio work our concept was to create a structure which visualizes the idea of people not being able to bond due to this pandemic. We used our photos and sounds from Part 1 to gather this idea, and found that the main similarity in our areas is that they didn’t have any human content, but by coming up with this concept, we could bring the community together with one structure and create a bond during these tough times.

Within the creation of this project we decided As a group we wanted to use all of our specialties to create this structure. What we came up with was to create a process, starting with the concept art and completing with the 3D visualization.  Within in this we would also create real prototypes as well as paintings to use in the structure.

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