Lost Stories

MEDIA: A series of Lost stories: short film
IMAGE: Image of the frame in our habitat
IMAGE: Drawings for proposal
IMAGE: Drawings for proposal
IMAGE: Drawings for proposal

Our project is based upon the exploration of human trace: what is left behind after we have gone? Our aim is to give importance to the discarded: the lost objects in our habitat that once served a purpose and now tell a story. We have established a framing system, taking inspiration from windows: in recent times they have become representational of the separation between private and public, we have become onlookers to each other and to a world that has lost its character during the pandemic.

Our Aim for this project was to connect our communities in their creativity by getting them involved in providing the stories for these lost objects. We used two methods that allowed for people to send us their creative stories: sending out letters and creating an email for people to contact, we also posted on community pages to raise awareness.

Our proposal for a post-covid project would include placing permanent boxes in hidden locations, the objects that would displayed would be changed weekly, this allowing enough time to collect written stories that would be placed inside a cylindrical mould attached to the side of the box. The letters would be compressed to make modern monuments that would be publicly displaced as a representation of a collective public artwork.



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