14a – Monopoly – the social class edition

IMAGE: Final board rendered version
IMAGE: Final Version of finished board
IMAGE: Monopoly Rules
Coming together from different parts of the world we knew finding commonalities between all would be a challenge. As an initial starting point, we decided to focus on riverbeds in each of our respective countries. Looking at Marcos pictures we discovered that often the social classes will be built around the structure of the city, having wealthier areas together and poorer areas as well.
Looking at that we decided to create our own monopoly board which reflected these social structures and have custom made rules that would differ the advantages you have playing the game depending on what social class you belong to, we call it the Monopoly social class edition.
Catering to that some additions we made are:
If you are playing as lower class: you start off with 1000M and the dice goes from 1-3 reflecting that it is harder to get further on the board/in life.
Middle class you start off with 2000M and the dice goes from 1-6.
Upper class you start off with 3000M and the dice goes from 4-6.
The chance cards and the community chest cards are also all custom made depending on your class which will give you different scenarios and outcomes.

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