13d CoLab2, Topic- “Our HABITAT”, Theme- “Water”

IMAGE: "Tower Burn" one of several water colour studies that uses the water from the location itself
MEDIA: Rivers are not fixed things or systems of things and are subject to the formative force of the water it carries and the landscape through which it runs. The potential body of water flows and unfolds seamlessly, forming spatial and temporal monuments, around which ecosystems spring up and in extension villages, towns and cities are constructed. Although such streams, rivers and lochs appear to us to be fixed they exist in constant flux. At any one moment the river serves as a monument to the continuum of time, space and conscious interference of humankind from which it is manifest. Breaking apart an otherwise infinite and undeferential mirror, rivers offer a way of separating up the landscape, forming natural meeting points and points with which to orientate to a larger whole.
IMAGE: I was inspired by the paisley patter style of drawing and felt that it visually looked similar to water. I produced birds eye view drawing of water sources in my local area that had a paisley pattern style.
IMAGE: Another example of how paisley pattern can be used to signify the waves and current of the water.
IMAGE: To further this development using paisley pattern as a common style I am in the process of developing a 3D model based off of a specific water source in my area.
IMAGE: I explored sound and how to visualize it in an expressive way. I created a series of images relating to the River Lossie and locals experience towards the floods it has caused.
MEDIA: (1st speaker)-Councillor George Alexander, (2nd speaker)-Moray council,Graham Coull (3rd speaker)- Glen Moray Distillery,Fiona Nicol, flood victim 2009

We have been looking at rivers as a way of mapping relationships within and between the places we live. using river as a way of separating up the landscape, as natural meeting points and points with which to orientate. We have each initially documented our own local water sources through the use of photography, video and sound as a way of capturing the unique and individual nature of our own areas. Moving forward we have each taken our own initial documenting work so that we can produce four individual selections of work that all related back to our theme of water.

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