IMAGE: combined collage
IMAGE: Elssa indervidual
IMAGE: Erin indervidual
IMAGE: Joe indervidual
IMAGE: Susie indervidual



Having researched psychogeography and its various suggested methods of exploring our habitat we decided to do a Dice Walk. This involves throwing a dice to determine what direction to follow. 1 or 2 denotes turn left, 3 or 4 straight ahead and 5 or 6 turn right. Collectively we ( Joe Cole, Elssa Kalala, Erin O’Sullivan and Susie McClymont) chose to do a walk incorporating 20 throws of the dice.

Walking in different parts of the country we then met again on Zoom where we combined 80 images which was too wieldy a number to work with. Using numbers 1 to 20 randomly picked out of a bag we matched them to our names, also randomly selected, arriving at a sum of 20 images, 5 from each of us. We returned to our five sites for further research and simultaneously took sound bites when there. A Powerpoint incorporating our 20 images and soundbites are shown.

Keen to do some form of combined work and in the spirit of CoLab we felt that collage would be a possible method of doing that remotely, as we could share images and then combine them in a different way. At the same time mixing our habitats together.

Shown here are individual collages we made of our own images, followed by photomontage  of the 20 images together.

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