A Gallery for the Abandoned

IMAGE: The full gallery of our responses to the theme
IMAGE: Vintage travel posters advertising abandoned places in Glasgow's West quarter - Adam Walsh
IMAGE: A collection of Bases created with surface textures based on the theme - Jaime Ojeda
IMAGE: A series of frames both made from, and depicting, discarded items - Louis McCready
IMAGE: 2 collages made featuring discarded items taken out of context and given a new setting - Mo Hastie
IMAGE: A sculpture representing a journey made out of wooden planks - Finlay Wellings

This gallery of work around the theme of ‘Abandoned Things’ in ‘Our Habitat’ is more a collection of individual responses rather than one singular group vision. Being based in different locations, ‘Our Habitat’ wasn’t the exact same for each of us. One thing that was consistent though was that there were abandoned things and abandoned places. We have each taken this as our stimulus and produced responses in a variety of mediums. Posters, sculptures, collages, digital models, and frames.

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