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MEDIA: Eva and Marco FYE PD, Hands/ Communication


This product helped to keep spirits high amongst the elderly community during the Coronavirus pandemic, in which elderly people were socially isolated for months, unable to touch family and friends. This led to low levels of morale leaving many struggling with their mental health. This product helped remind people that their family and friends were still there and through new technology they can still feel as connected as before. Furthermore this product helped to keep the most vulnerable groups inside, as it gave them an alternative for the human touch they were craving, which in turn kept them safer from the disease by limiting their contact with other people whom may possibly be carrying the virus without their knowledge. This arguably even reduced infection rates in the UK as many did not feel as compelled to see others non socially distant due to their needs of being human being satisfied. This product was used in many differing situations after the pandemic, from parents who’s children went to war, to long distance couples, thus proving how adaptable this product is in the contemporary society in which we live.

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