Ishika Talukdar Link Overthinking: a cognitive flaw

MEDIA: Over-thinker 1 min short film
IMAGE: Initial ideas and solidification of preliminary concepts
IMAGE: Experimentation of different angles and editing
IMAGE: Storyboard of the video

What combines all of us as a human race, being human, is what unites each and every person in the world, be it the ability to have cognitive thinking, or the ability to feel the sun on your skin.  We share many such similar feelings but we still have a plethora of differences. My investigation focuses on a video, which has to include a human being, a sound, and an interior along with a concept of being human. The video I have made focuses on the idea of overthinking. In a more deeper context this video represents the feeling of frustration one might feel while experiencing a creative or a writer’s block. Hence I filmed the scenes of the video in the same room as it shows there is no “out of the box thinking” occurring and no new stimuli available. This video was to show the creative mind-block similar to what I imagine a lot of artists are going through at the moment during the pandemic. One of the major inspirations for my concept and idea was the quote, from The Human Condition by Hannah Ardent, “In both instances, men have… multiplied innumerable times. Although this reflects the author’s view    of a different time period, we are all going through an isolation period and as humans we are “ subject to our own private experiences”.

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