Yi Koh Link Breaking Barriers

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MEDIA: My film, Breaking Barriers

The film starts off dark and shows that she doesn’t enjoy studying the subjects laid out. She scribbled on her paper when she didn’t know the answer. The scene shows that there was a build up of her frustrations until she exploded. She cried for she was lost and realised that she did not want this life that was painted for her. A letter arrives for her with a note and some childhood memories. It was a reminder to be true to herself with the intentions of becoming someone she loves. She realises no one is perfect nor will anyone be satisfied with her decisions so she painted her own picture and start anew. She tore the pages in defiance to everyone’s ideals of what she was to become and painted her declarations. The scene gets faster to show that her emotions were heightened and that there was no turning back. In the end, she shows that she has achieved that through her smile as she reminisces the past and revels in her accomplishments. Like a child who had no care in the world about what others thought, happiness is found when you stop trying to please everyone but yourself. Being human is to free the negativity in your life and find the inner child you once were.

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