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We are living in a society where everything is busily moving; whether it is a human’s movement or it is an intangible movement, such as values or trends. I personally seem to be living in a hurry, not knowing how to live slowly taking my time. What does it mean to live as a “human” in such a society? Furthermore, what makes us able to endure this kind of society?

I think that power comes from the warm memories of a specific time or space that we have experienced before. We, humans, are beings who cope with the hardships of the present and gain the strength to live in the future by recalling the past. Whilst doing research, I saw a video called ‘Colour Poems’ by Margaret Tait on the NLS Archive. To quote her sentence, ‘Memory gets somewhat lost in the present observation, although it never disappears, and there are reverberations back, even in the brief life of the poppies in “Terra Firma”.’. This helps me to broaden my thoughts about the way people live.

In my video, I’ve shown my grandma’s house that is contrary to our busy modern society. Personally, I often reminisce about this space when I suffer a burnout. I tried to capture the day of a human being who was consoled by pleasant memories of the past by reliving it.

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