Our Habitats

MEDIA: Habitat exploration video
IMAGE: 'Our Habitats' Exhibition - Room One
IMAGE: 'Our Habitats' Exhibition - Room Two

We looked at exploring ‘Our Habitats’ through the expression of language and key words.

‘The memory traces of an abandoned set of futures’ and ‘I’m convinced that the future is lost somewhere in the dumps of the non-historical past.’ – Robert Smithson

We started going on walks and taking photographs of things and places that represented these words and showcasing them in our own way representing each of the habitats we are currently in. Each of us are in different circumstances but we all came together as a group to create this collaborative outcome.

‘Our Habitats’ Exhibition features –

  • ‘Finding symbolism of these words in the contained habitat of my room.’
  • ‘The exploration of water having memory, history and future through wave movement.’
  • ‘An investigation and creative mapping of the themes in an unfamiliar local habitat.’
  • ‘Exploration of materials being able to convey or suggest history, memory and future through texture.’
  • ‘If only I could say a new thing, a thing I’ve never said before.’

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