Mortality & Time

IMAGE: Victor's Outcome 1
IMAGE: Victor's Outcome 2
IMAGE: Victor's Outcome 3
IMAGE: Victor's Outcome 4
MEDIA: Yuheng's Outcome
MEDIA: Kamra's Outcome
MEDIA: Yuxuan's Outcome 1
MEDIA: Yuxuan's Outcome 2
MEDIA: Lewis's Outcome

After reading the Smithson text, ‘A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey’, as well as embarking on a psycho-geography walk, the team established the central themes of Mortality and Time, in regard to ‘Our Habitat’. Focusing on the Layering and the Decay of the environment in which we live, we each came up with an individual approach in response to the brief, which we felt captured the above themes. For these individual outcomes we produced a collaborative Virtual Exhibition space, in which all of our pieces could be displayed, creating an immersive experience that displays the abstracted characteristics of ‘Our Habitat’.

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