Reflections of our habitat

IMAGE: Bradley
IMAGE: Bonnie
IMAGE: Rachel

Our group chose to explore our habitat through reflections – an idea which stemmed from rainy walks in our neighbourhoods. Seeing lights from windows reflecting on the wet pavement was a sight we all could relate to.

We reflected our feelings towards our environment onto collages, edits and deconstructed patterns of maps. The motif of windows is evident in all our work – seen from the windows is the unknown, untouchable and unreal. Luckily, the inside is comforting and familiar, and the reflection of us on the glass, looking outside, connects the two.

Having spent so much time inside, it was refreshing for all of us to rediscover our surroundings. Being from different areas made collaborating tricky, but going on walks and taking photographs helped us bounce ideas off of each other and made group work easier.

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