Take A Walk

IMAGE: Freya's list of words
IMAGE: Freya and Marcelina's response to the word "Parking"
IMAGE: Dominik's list of words
IMAGE: Dominik's interpretation of the word "Lonely"
IMAGE: Aine's list of words
IMAGE: Aine's interpretation of the word "Gossip"
IMAGE: Marcelina's list of words
IMAGE: Marcelina and Freya's interpretation of the word "Water"
IMAGE: Group interpretation of the word "Orange"
IMAGE: Prompts to be interpreted by the reader

This book explores the idea of staying connected within the current conditions of the pandemic through the notion of taking a walk. Walking has become an essential activity that we all have in common even whilst being in different places, with different rules and restrictions we are still encouraged to go outside and exercise safely. We wanted to use this ‘prescribed’ walk as a way to explore our habitats and compare them with each other, to form connections even through a screen. We each took walks at similar times and formed lists of words inspired and influenced by our surroundings. We wanted to understand the differences in our habitats and so chose words from each other that interested us and used them as prompts to explore and find in our own areas, before responding to them using our own artistic responses. This showed us how there could be many different and exiting perspectives of the same idea. We have created this book for readers to find inspiration, in what can be quite limiting times, and either respond to our words or create their own prompts to help explore their habitats and make the most of their daily walks.

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