Our Habitat

Throughout this project our aims have been to gain a comprehensive understanding of each other’s surroundings and experiences. Our habitats are vastly different and our individual experiences over this time differ hugely. After reading the Smithson text, we decided to respond to his relationship with text and imagery. In the first stages of our project, we decided to write a few sentences about what we could all see out our windows. The aim was for us all to respond and create an image of what we presumed or imagined what our teammates were seeing. This was a form of both research into our own environment and researching one another’s. In the second part of our project, we decided to write a more comprehensive piece of writing to further explain our environment. Our writing developed into a piece that involved more than just our visual surroundings. In response we created a body of work that we felt illustrated each other’s experiences. This part of ur project was derivative of ‘The death of the reader’ by Roland Barthes. In his essay he explains that once the writer has created a text, he surrenders the way in which his words are perceived, and the reader has full control.


Our HABITAT 2020/21


Red Zone

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