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Our theme regarding colab2 is on “absence” and in today’s society this idea is more relevant than ever.

And here is some research we gathered as a group around our areas, these images are from ballieston  and bargeddie. In these images the theme of absence can be identified from the lack of people and the things they bring. Derelict sites and building and quiet environments.

This Glasgow coat of arms which are linked to the stories of St.mungo and can be adapted to todays circumstances. *read slide*

Mapping exercise 

This is just a visualization of the walks we went on here it is broken down to easily understand. The red representing rural environments, yellow representing urban context, green for greenery and blue for industrial. The results of the mapping exercise show a large decrease in people populating the context.

Pictures of missing people 

These images are to emphasize the idea of absence but in a visual sense, we have created white-out silhouettes of people inhabiting these images as they normally would but due to the circumstances of today these  places have majorly reduced the amount of people inhabiting these areas. On the top this it means things like noise, smells and interactions are barely even apparent anymore.


This is just showing the 2013 slogan and its idea of people make Glasgow the city it is but there is no people anymore so an updated slogan has been created.


This is just emphasising that message that people make Glasgow but covid-19 is creatif restrictions to allow our habitat to flourish like it once did.


Our HABITAT 2020/21


Red Zone

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