Karen Hannigan Link Human Connection and Collection

IMAGE: Connection and Collection
IMAGE: Meet the Makers
IMAGE: Sketchbook
IMAGE: Creative response to research
IMAGE: Japanese Tea Rituals
IMAGE: Emma Hart's installation Mamma Mia
IMAGE: Creative response to further research
IMAGE: Mark making with clay
IMAGE: Experimental work with coloured clay

Having the opportunity to explore the private silver collection of Helen Cargill Thompson I was inspired to research makers from the collection and was able to develop ideas and sketchbook pages. I investigated another piece from the collection, a blini set by Heta Saareelainen, that represented a shared dining experience and I was becoming aware of connection and collection having similarities through certain readings and lectures.  

As a mother, shared mealtimes are important to me, a ritual passed down through families before me. Researching shared rituals, I learned about Japanese Tea Rituals and the chawan (teacup). This led to researching other shared drinking vessels, the Scottish quaich and the Jewish Kiddush cup. I was reminded of an exhibition I had visited, Emma Hart’s installation called Mamma Mia which at first glance represents families at mealtimes. 

Responding to my research, I explored different materials; paper, eggshells, manipulated ceramics. I progressed to clay as I felt that I could manipulate the soft clay playing with the idea of identity. I created a flat piece by manipulating the clay with my fingertips and as I had always thought that I would make 4 pieces to represent my family, I was drawn to create four vessels using this process. 


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