Yujie Liu Link Architecture block

IMAGE: architecture by Eileen Gray
IMAGE: inspiration
IMAGE: rice sample
IMAGE: rice sample
IMAGE: paper model

I believe being human is about being sensible, about doing the right thing, about sense overcoming emotions. It is like superego in Freud’ theory, which is the ethical part of a human’s mind, it emphasizes righteousness, sense and logic. And that is a part that attracts me, like order, where everything can be predicted, calculated and reasoned with. The certainty lies in order and logic provides people with a safe space to rest and work, and within that space, I feel safe and secured. Eileen Gray created such a world. The architecture she designed involves many vertical and horizontal lines, squares and pure colours like white and blue. All the elements contribute to the “tyranny of calm order” Daniel Miller described.

The piece is made of rice. Each grain of rice resembles another and they are almost identical. Their similarity forms unity, and all become part of the order.  Each cube of the architecture becomes a building block, allowing viewers to participate, build architecture, and explore the logic of their own.

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