Jessica Laithwaite Link Being Human – Communication

IMAGE: Poster 1 - Keep Your Distance (270 miles)
IMAGE: Poster 2 - For the Few Not the Many
IMAGE: Poster 3 - Stay In To Help Out
IMAGE: Poster 4 - If You Go Out You Will Die
IMAGE: Poster 5 - Coronavirus £1000 (Oh No)
IMAGE: Poster 6 - Clap Instead of a Pay Rise
IMAGE: Key Research - Government Design Principles

Throughout this project, I used a combination of different government archives, and aimed to create a series of satirical posters to emphasise and draw attention to the government miscommunication during the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted to create a narrative of alternative posters and situations, and make the viewer consider the lack of clarity the government have given us. My research consisted of government design rules, archived photos, ads and social media posts, to allow me to recreate the governments style of design. I wanted to create a style that at was similar to official posters but on closer inspection was in a mocking style.

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