Yijun Jia Link The color blindness test

IMAGE: The archive of my color games
IMAGE: Poster of my archive, some patterns created by M&MS
IMAGE: The combination of flavors and colors design
IMAGE: Holding a handful of colorful seeds
IMAGE: Reverse colors of flowers and colorful waves on the beach
IMAGE: Colorful tropical fish, arrows, weird fruit
IMAGE: A visual experiment of a color test in the view of average perspon
IMAGE: A visual experiment of a color test in the view of color blindness
IMAGE: My archive and the drawing tools
IMAGE: Dress up the game box as a gift

I designed this color game from a source of a box which can be used of testing color blindness,  the inventor is a doctor who invented this test and he used it to test whether this person is color blind, color weak or normal. Because I want to make the test more lively and interesting, I use a childlike perspective to do the test, just like a child playing with a set of bricks, and the test results can be tested during the process.As different patterns can be created with colored sweet beads, I think no matter whether the testers are children or not, they will also feel delightful and get happiness in this process. In addition, I think whether the testers are color blindness or color weakness, as long as they insist on developing the interest of art and paintings, insisting on creating. Whether people are color-blind or perceived as lacking color, these are not the reasons for giving up the artistic pursuit. I hope that people can put themselves in the position of color blindness in a simple and direct way, understanding the special and creative views of color blindness in my works. Even if some people completely lose the sense of color perception can also discover some special point of view (for example, to smell and touch to feel color), I want them to summon up courage to create some distinctive pieces. In my opinion, it is very cool and courageous to be a color blind artist. Overall, this is also the core idea that I want to interpret for the theme of being human, because color is a unique existence from the perspective of human beings. But a world of beautiful and colorful does not depend on how much color it has, I think no matter the colors of a world is less or more, they have their own unique and beauty.

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