Anna Dunlop Link Being Human

IMAGE: Work in Progress: Acrylic on Canvas / 50cm x 80cm
IMAGE: Acrylic on cardboard / Film Archive screenshot / A5
IMAGE: Acrylic on paper / Film Archive screenshot / limited colour palette / A5
IMAGE: Pen on paper / Film Archive screenshot / A5

“To be human is to be at the centre of our own universe, to experience life in all its colours and all its potential”

When we are young our worlds are so small and immediate. We are innocent, naive and ignorant to the troubles of society and focused entirely on ourselves and the instant. Despite misremembering details that have become hazy over time and viewed through a metaphorical filter, we remember these moments as being vibrant and charged with emotion and nostalgic feelings.

As we get older, our worlds expand to encompass more of the real world. We become more involved with society and become part of a larger collective where we hold a certain degree of anonymity, but also have the opportunity to thrive and grow and expand our worlds. We also merge with other people’s lives; some encounters are brief and some are more profound.


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