Yan Salu Link FYE : Relationships

MEDIA: Short Film Final Outcome
IMAGE: Interconnectivity
IMAGE: Storyboard Image
IMAGE: Extrusion
IMAGE: Touch

As more focus was placed on health and wellbeing due to global pollution and spikes in virus outbreaks, the creation of UandMe and other like technologies aided in maintaining a level of connectivity among individuals who had to routinely travel and quarantine. This form of ‘distanced parenting’ allowed families to maintain a level of intimacy that wouldn’t threaten the health and wellbeing of others. The technology at its inception held great potential in development as further iterations more seamlessly integrated with the smart systems becoming ever more prevalent in contemporary housing.


Reflecting on the lacking aspects of UandMe, accessibility remains a hugely limiting factor. As this product relies so heavily on smart house systems, the range in people able to utilise said tech is very limited due to the high cost of implementation. 

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