Danuta Kozubska Link Destruction of a Human

MEDIA: Short film - Human/Interior/Sound
IMAGE: How isolation affects the brain and behaviour?
IMAGE: Routine
IMAGE: Storyboard

The Co-Lab 1 for interior design focused on exploration of human, space and sound. To showcase the research and development of my work I was supposed to create a short film and support it with visual essay, as well as, portfolio. I approached the task by learning about human mind and personal space, to later transform it into a story about mental health in quarantine. My main objective was how social isolation affects the behaviour, which was later compered with a report about mental health and substance abuse struggles, during Covid-19 lowdown. Furthermore, I took upon myself to examine my personal experiences from quarantine, which were mostly similar to those from the reports and surveys. To make my story coherent and raw I decided to film an everyday routine of a person that still battles their unhealthy habits after lockdown. I would like my short film to reflect the lives of young people overwhelmed by the global situation, meanwhile confronting their own battles which are a part of growing up. The song in the background is an emotional response to the routine, and made realistic with noises of everyday life. Something that is a new norm can also be seen as a destruction of a human.

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