Zain Benomran Link Being Human Project


My theme for this project is based off change and how us as humans during our life (birth-death) have the free will to decide what to do however certain actions you commit can have different outcomes. The photos I posted are ideas and prototypes before I made my Interactive narrative, so I can get an understanding on how the layout will be. What I wanted to portray in my Interactive narrative is that you will start off as a soul which will transform into a 3D level where you play as a person ideally yourself and the idea of the game is that you work your way through rooms which have different outcomes starting off in a hospital (birth) and your goal is to make it to the end (death). My game is based in real time however some of the doors will be based in the past because I wanted the player to choose either the door which is based on everyday events or world changing events however you won’t know which one is which.

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