Ruby O'Hare Link Human: Belongings and Loss

Using a combination of eBay as an online archive and familiar domestic settings as inspiration, my project presents an exploration into the every-day, and what our belongings say about us as humans living in a consumerist society, questioning the human relationship with our surroundings and belongings, the importance of materials and how our perception of this has changed over time. For my final outcome, I decided to construct naturalistic, domestic settings for fictional characters generated from my archival research into eBay sellers, documented through still-life photography. I aimed to dissect the human ritual interaction with conventional aspects of  domesticity, in this instance the kitchen table. The combination of gathering objects, composition, photo manipulation and text helped me to investigate and foreground underlying narratives of character and time, creating poignance, nostalgia and loss in juxtaposition with witty anecdotal references.

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