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IMAGE: Research on different generations of tooth extraction tools.
IMAGE: The development of dental deformities.
IMAGE: The development of dental deformities&drawing.
IMAGE: make shape about malformed tooth.
IMAGE: Fabric on mini-mannequin.
IMAGE: The development of osteotomy.
IMAGE: Modern osteotomy tools.
IMAGE: Deformities & paintings of different parts of the human body.
IMAGE: mini-mannequin 2

I tried to find some information on the Royal College of Physicians in the light of my personal experience.

The first thing I focused on was “teeth”. The reason for this is that I was born with underdeveloped teeth, so I often have minor problems. My biggest fear was going to the dental clinic and having to go through every single filling. I remember going for extractions when I was a child and it was as if I wasn’t sensitive to the anesthesia and the process was very painful. In this section, I focused on the “tooth shape” and the “extraction tools” of different eras, and after thorough research, I found something very interesting. Regardless of the era, people have neglected their teeth, resulting in visits to the dental office.

The second part that concerns me is the “osteotomy”. This operation is used to correct deformities in body parts. However, it is not very common in daily life. For example, the correction of x- and o-leg, the correction of bent fingers, etc. During my research I found the structure of this tool very interesting, so I tried to draw it and make it on the mini-mannequin.

During the last week, I should have spent more time focusing on research and body structu

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