Xifeng Chen Link Being Human: Marginal People


This essay will study and discuss the psychological status and social relations of marginal people. Marginal people, who are, people living on the edge of society, are excluded from the mainstream of society because of their different backgrounds, physiological conditions, psychological conditions and other reasons. Exploring the psychological state of marginal people can help us further understand the psychological alienation process of some individuals in the whole human population and social structure, so that the whole human group can better understand our inner world. In other words, at this historical stage of rapid development, we should slow down a little bit to care about and understand the living conditions of the marginal people, so as to better understand ourselves. This is one of the prerequisites for the steady development of human civilization. Therefore, this essay will develop the theme of “being human” from the psychological perspective of marginal people, draw conclusions and inspirations based on a large number of films, films and literature works about marginal population, and I will complete my work for portfolio by analyzing the design concept and element extraction process of fashion designers Demna Gvasalia and Raf Simons.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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