Bradley Hudson Link elements of circumstance

IMAGE: still life of two lamps
IMAGE: collage created revolving around the subject of tradition and family values
IMAGE: Simone posing
IMAGE: west winds estate mural
IMAGE: Family Heirlooms
IMAGE: Wall between West Winds Estate and the Scrabo Estate - Northern Ireland
IMAGE: collage based upon the idea of national identity
IMAGE: chatter amongst friends
IMAGE: west winds estate mural 2

or this project i had a few keen interests that i wanted to look at when it came to being human; materialism and our attachment to things, national identity, relationships/intimacy and also family history. i think these are all very important factors that go into the development of the human experience. I decided to look back at archives from my hometown in order to grow my understand of what it meant to be human and have a sense of identity when it comes to where one is from this then lead my to travel home and photograph the places that became very familiar to me in passing over the years and allowed me to connect links between the past and present. After listening to a lecture on the posthuman by elisabeth hodson, i was inspired to create a number of still life images using ornaments which were passed down as family heirlooms and lampshades which i had bought, for these i tried to position and contort them in a way which the viewer would be able to pick up and build their own narrative from the images, reinstating how our objects and the things we own have a personal significance to ourselves in ways which may not be the same with other animals.

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