Calum Herbert Link Being Human: A Greenhouse for the Visually Impaired

IMAGE: 1:50 Orthographic Drawings
IMAGE: axonometric

I think that being human comes from our unique capacity for imagination and our ability to dissect the world around us. This idea was the basis for my project in exploring visual impairment, questioning design standardisation in relation to human diversity and exploring how people with sight loss move through a built environment that is not designed for them. I chose to design a small greenhouse with specific focus on creating a safe and inspiring space for my client group that is easy to navigate and invokes our other senses. The design is a simple orthogonal timber structure that utilises subtle tactile clues in the form of vertical timber members for orientation. There are three different configurations of the timber members which correspond to different areas of the space allowing the user to build up a strong tactile relationship with the space. These vertical members also interact with the direct sunlight that is diffused through opaque glass which creates non-glaring light. I have also utilised tactile flooring for white cane users- with corduroy flooring around the planters and bench and an information surface at the openings which makes the space function well for everyone.


Being HUMAN 2020/21

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