Leon Duffy Link Being Human

IMAGE: Reference image of our skeletal structure
IMAGE: Decaying human torso exposing the rib cage
IMAGE: Consumed by Flora and Fauna
IMAGE: Reference image of our earths atmosphere
IMAGE: Merging with Earth
IMAGE: Reference image of an astronomical structure
IMAGE: Arcylic paint mimicking a gaseous structure in space
IMAGE: The Human being merging with our universe after death

Being Human

What happens to the Human form after it parts with life?

One of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is where did we come from, and where will we go? This single question either unites or divides us. Science has forever been getting closer to answering this question. Religion claims to already know it.

I have used this project ‘Being Human’ to ask myself this question. I followed the most conclusive theory science has given us about our journey beyond life, through manipulation of the human form.

This project initially looks at the process of decay, not only after life but during. This process is slow, cruel and inevitable. Our bodies return to the dirt and our bones follow some time after. Our flesh is consumed by flora and fauna, enriching it.

The process doesn’t end there, or at all, many believe. Flora and fauna transform our bodies into whatever they need, continuing the cycle of life as we are distributed across the planet. Slowly we enrich and merge with earth.

Earth won’t and can’t be our home forever, when it goes, all of its matter and energy, of which we are to be a part, will distribute across space. Hence, our bodies will return to the Universe were they came, to continue their journey untill the end of time.

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