Anna Hodgson Link Alzheimer’s Disease Garden Pod

IMAGE: Perspective, Section, Elevation
IMAGE: Plan and Wider Context

Through the theme ‘Being Human,’ I explored the imperfections of the human body and the history surrounding stigma and discrimination towards those with a disability. Specifically, I chose to look at Alzheimer’s Disease, a progressive brain disorder resulting in deterioration of the brain. One direction my research took was studying a document found in the archives of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. It recorded the manner in which one was committed to a mental institution in the 1950s. The inhumane character positively sparked my passion to explore the history and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and its misunderstood nature. Another was a beautiful lecture; ‘The Age of Humanism’, highlighted the way in which we should question the human norm, finding interest with the unique and individual, using art and design to express this.   

Researching life with a disability highlighted how ‘Being human’ can affect everyone in different ways and dictate how we might live life. My design is a response to this, how can we adapt and design for the individual in an expressive way that provides freedom and community. Many things that people with Alzheimer’s don’t get to experience. My idea is to have garden pods for those with Young-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, surrounded by nature and sensory gardens. The design tracks the path of the sun, a gentle cue to reminding the patient of simple everyday tasks like to wake up, have lunch or go to bed . It encourages engagement with the outdoors, a neighbourly community and a relaxed comfortable environment. 

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