Rose Carmona Link The Experience: Being Colour-blind

IMAGE: My chosen object from the archive is this Edrige-Green colour-blindness test.
IMAGE: Some artist research and my experiment with the red light.
IMAGE: The result of drawing under the red light (the red light experimentation is on the lower half of page)
IMAGE: Sketchbook/research double page spread
IMAGE: Concertina showing how colourblind people see things compared to non-colourblind people
IMAGE: Book digital prototype
IMAGE: Book digital prototype

I’m focusing on the inclusivity of colour-blind people by trying to experience how it feels to live with colourblindness and celebrate colour-blind people in our world. After doing some research, I discovered that red lights, often used in a dark room, have a cancelling effect on colour so I decided to try and create one at home. I thought it would be a great way to experience not knowing what colour I’m using, just as if I had colourblindness. Then I contacted on my Instagram, people who are colourblind to get some feedback on how it feels to live with this condition. From this, I decided to do some photography around the objects and things that may cause them frustration and difficulties in everyday life. I created a concertina with these photographs that show how these daily objects would look like to them compared to how we see them. My final idea would be to use the feedback I  received from colourblind people and to use the photography I took and edited, to create a book that explores the experience I went through of trying to understand how colourblind people view the world every day.

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