Kate Henry Link Posthumanism vapo-cresolene lamp

IMAGE: Initial thoughts with partial tonal drawing
IMAGE: Researched thoughts with illustrative drawing
IMAGE: Posthumanism thoughts with modernized/simplified redesign
IMAGE: Detailed pencil drawing of vapo-cresolene lamp
IMAGE: Lung study
IMAGE: Asthmatic bronchial tubes study
IMAGE: Tape study of medicine that goes in the lungs
IMAGE: Victorian clip art study
IMAGE: Idea Sketch of information strip/pamphlet
IMAGE: "Final" information strip/pamphlet

My posthumanism investigation of the vapo-cresolene lamp is imagining the merging, blurring or enhancement of the human body with technology, medicine and/or science. My idea for this was to create an implant for asthmatics that pumps 100% of the medication into the lungs. I started with a few studies of the vapo-cresolene lamp then created a few illustrative style drawings inspired by Quentin Blake’s loose scratchy style and use of watercolours which all my colours are done in. I then did a few studies of the lungs to better understand them and the problem that causes asthma attacks. I then created a “final” “problem and possible solution” information strip/pamphlet with the problem that only 80% of the medicine goes into the lungs from the inhaler where as if you had something Implanted straight into the lungs/bronchial tubes then you would be getting 100% of the medication. I then though well what if someone gets self conscious about this implant sticking out their cheast? So I designed an attractive cover inspired by the ornateness of the original object and patterns and styles used at the time of its creation

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