IMAGE: Rebecca
IMAGE: Ourango
IMAGE: Kjartan

For the idea of postcards, I explored the idea of ‘journey’ with the pattern on the dress being displayed as it was simple and neat. I displayed the ‘monuments’ from my journey with collage, embroidery and weave. I also placed the route on the floor like a path.
Currently based in Garnethill, I gathered inspiration from Margaret Macdonald’s works along with other contemporary mixed media artists. Collecting and recycling items found in the outer and at home to create collage works influenced by textiles, tiles, and braids that symbolises small monuments from daily life.
I have designed and made a postcard that represents Lambhill from my point of view. I took a lot of inspiration from Zaha Hadid’s paintings in the way I portrayed my view of the area to produce minimalist, easy to read snapshots of an average walk around Lambhill.

My work is mainly inspired by movies such as Blade Runner, Playtime and Cloud Atlas.  My design reflects on the duality and levitation of Glasgow’s Inner Ring Road through shapes. curves and light  and also the Clyde River bridges.

I was also inspired by the work of Douglas Trumbull on movies visual effects to create disturbing pieces on the affect of noise and nightlight.

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