Virginia Crand Link Where Now? Not Here

IMAGE: "Not Here", final. watercolor, charcoal, pastel on raw canvas. 2'6" x 5'2"
IMAGE: "Where Now?", final. watercolor, gouache, charcoal, personal other sourced images 3'5" x 5'8"


The weekend before co lab, I visited Nantucket to pay respects to my recently departed Grandfather. While grieving, I felt emotions of anger at the construction around me. In fact, due to the island’s overdevelopment my Grandfather’s house was at stake. Because of this I chose to focus my project on the crisis of overdevelopment. Across the world locations are being overdeveloped causing a loss of whole habitats and ecosystems, as well as a waste of earth’s natural resources. I spent time researching numerous statistical maps. Inspiring me to create my own forms of maps, with conventional and unconventional characteristics.