Abbey Coats Link Our Home is on Fire

IMAGE: this was completed in acrylic paint and is exploring the light bulb in relation to its early usage.
IMAGE: this is another acrylic painting depicting the movement of both smoke and fire.
IMAGE: study of a home on fire.
IMAGE: surreal flames and burning paper.
IMAGE: juxtaposed lighting

“Our home is on fire” is the name on which I have based this project around the Anthropocene. While researching, I have looked at the works of Ursula Le Guin’s ‘carrier bag theory of fiction’ and Pierre Bonnard’s paintings of his wife bathing among others. My work has used fire as a collaborator and interrogated its use throughout history and its effect on our ‘home’; being the planet. The narrative in which I have developed throughout this series of paintings is as follows; Would you sit down as if nothing was happening if your own home was on fire? Then why I ask is this what we all do while the planet is on fire?