Heather Clydesdale Link Vision Impairment

IMAGE: Double vision photos
IMAGE: Double vision photos
IMAGE: How the outside world looks to me
IMAGE: Blind sketches
IMAGE: Overlapped photos and drawings
IMAGE: My prescription and scans of my eyes
IMAGE: Six watercolours because the number appears frequently in my prescription
IMAGE: Goggles I made to physically obstruct the viewer's sight

This project aims to show my way of seeing to viewers through photography, drawing and painting. As a visually impaired person, I find it difficult to explain how I see to others and this project visually represents the daily struggles I face due to my sight.  

The ‘Post-Humanism’ aspect of my project shows how not everyone has the ‘standard’ level of sight and how the material world around us doesn’t accommodate those with impaired vision. This makes simple things like reading signs, travel timetables and menus a huge difficulty because they aren’t designed with people with vision problems in mind. 

I explored my experience of dealing with problems such as blurriness and double vision both digitally and traditionally through a range of materials and techniques that express how overwhelming the problems caused by sight loss can be. 

Through this project I have been able to acknowledge both my own issues and those of a huge number of people and I hope to have shown those that don’t experience these problems how difficult daily and mundane life can be when you have trouble seeing. 

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