Anna Tankard Link Being Human- Designing a space for the deaf

IMAGE: Isometric building plans
IMAGE: Exploded axonometric plans

Being Human- Different- Architecture and Disability

In this project I have designed a space that is inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing. I wanted the space to be open and have good visibility to allow sign language users to have the space to sign with comfort. I have designed and added features to allow sound to be absorbed, rather than reflected, as too many reverberations cause background noise. I created a social bar space, with young adults and adults in mind. I did research into social anxiety and deafness, and found a strong correlation between the two. Public spaces, especially hospitality, usually forget to take the deaf into account, causing people to not return or feel excluded and isolated within the space. I want my space to be a place of relaxation yet a space where people can feel comfortable to socialise. The building is like a pavilion and will be surrounded by an open space, in which people can walk and socialise, adding to the relaxing quality of the space.

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