Reece Martin Link Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

IMAGE: Painting that gives the feeling of Multiple Sclerosis and depression during isolation throughout the pandemic
IMAGE: Initial concept sketch
IMAGE: Floor plan
IMAGE: Elevation
IMAGE: Section

Like the feeling that the initial painting gives, Multiple Sclerosis is often like the ocean in how overpowering and unpredictable it can be while causing the patient to inherently go through dark depressive episodes in the constant battle against one’s self which also resonates with what I feel many felt during the isolation of the pandemic. MS, affecting one in 500 in the U.K, this therapy centre has been designed to be an installation besides Maggie’s centres.

With the entrance being into a wooden tunnel, the exterior façade reflects running muscle striations that interconnects with the organically formed brain cell like exterior that would be controlled by the brain that often is lost in MS. As you enter the tunnel gives off the atmosphere of darkness that can be felt by MS user and depression where often they are surrounded by darkness with a small outpour of light at the end. On either side of the walkway through are physical therapy pools that MS patients can use as it’s currently the best form of rehabilitation for them. The shape of the pools reflects the loss of volume within the brain. With the final segment being a mindfulness hub to connect.

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