Jose Maria Rodriguez Alcantara Link untitled

IMAGE: handwritten copy of a few pages of the 'herbal', ink on tracing paper
IMAGE: print test, tracing paper
IMAGE: ink studies
IMAGE: more ink + posca studies
IMAGE: image, text and transparency studies, double sided
IMAGE: book study, stapled
IMAGE: final composition study, annotated
IMAGE: wee little essay
IMAGE: final composition study
IMAGE: final transparency study

this project to me has become a discovery into my own process. it revolves around an exploration of material reality and how things have their own agency and reality loosely based on the work of the “new materialists” such as Jane Bennett

i am trying to convey through image and text what it means to me: this idea that things exist outside of our lived experience and how we could relate to them in unexpected ways to make planet earth a place we can all share

so far, though this project remains unfinished, i have been able to produce studies of text and image to slowly reach towards what will become a self-published series of artist editions that i will print, stitch & bind by myself (and sell with the help of goodpress!). i have included here a linear process of my work during this project but for a much more expansive and sometimes rambling way please visit the padlet where i have documented it all! this is only 10% of the work i’ve made 😌

thanks for watching, share if you feel like it or check out my instagram page for more work

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